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Rido Sports

Rido Sports is a sports equipment manufacturing brand in India with more than three decades of industry experience. It not only offers international quality sports equipment at competitive prices but also specializes in providing turfs for sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis etc. Rido Sports reached out to us for a complete Brand Overhaul.


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The Problem


The solution

With its rich legacy and industry expertise, Rido Sports has been instrumental in challenging the stereotype that Indian equipment is sub par. From providing equipment to schools and institutions to the prestigious Commonwealth Games, Rido Sports offers quality coupled with innovation and affordability.

The Challenge: Despite its rich legacy and industry experience, Rido Sports was unable to portray itself as an expert in the field, as a result of which it was unable to connect with its modern potential customer base. It required a 360 degree revamp of its brand. The following tasks and assets were required:-

  • Brand Audit
  • Customer Research
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Strategy (Brand Purpose, Brand Positioning)
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Marketing Collateral (Sample Book, Product Catalog, Service Catalog, Price List, User Manuals, Display Board, Product Packaging, Company Presentation)

The Solution: GreySpace played a crucial role in reinventing Rido Sports through the following process:-

  • Discovery and Alignment: We first conducted a discovery and alignment session that probed the founders to tell us everything there was to know about their sports business - be it the history of the company, their first few clients, their journeys, the ups and downs of the business or their future vision. We left no stone unturned. Our discussions shed light on the fact that Rido Sports had outgrown its previous identity and required a fresh brand perception to move forward. This investigation served as the foundation of our rebranding plan for them.
  • Identifying goals: Over a facilitated session, we helped Rido Sports understand and identify their USP, short term as well as long term goals.

  • Brand Purpose: After having an insightful, in-depth session with the founders, we spoke to the employees from various backgrounds to determine the internal brand values of the company. We also got an overview of what the internal stakeholders considered the USPs of their company and how they viewed their competition. This helped us define the brand purpose (company vision, mission and values).
  • Limitations to the scope: Since the company had grown out of its old identity, a brand reset was recommended. Sidhant and Sandeep weren’t open to changing the name as they had many clients and relationships that knew them as Rido Sports, so we stuck to Rido Sports as a brand name and started the project with a limited scope brand audit.
  • Collecting assets: Thereafter, we collected all assets of the company. This included everything under sales and marketing such as company presentations, pitch decks, price lists to internal communication assets such as the employee handbook and internal newsletters.
  • Brand Audit and Brand Positioning: We then analyzed their verbal and visual identity, conducted market research and studied the competitors closely to understand Rido Sports’ core USP and determine the brand positioning. This also included an in depth analysis of their target customers as part of the preliminary research after onboarding.

Comprehending Brand Persona: Through a series of different exercises, we were able to extract Rido Sports’ brand persona and brand archetype.

Brand Personality Development Exercise by Brand Consultants
  • Brand Visualization: Once we had the brand positioning nailed, we began exploring stylescapes to visualize the overall visual identity. We started the visual design process by spending a week with our team to discuss the various directions we could go with all things considered. We collected our thoughts and narrowed our approach to 3 distinct approaches. We created stylescapes to depict these 3 distinct approaches shown as follows:-

Stylescape 1: Modern, Unique, Proud

Brand Persona Exploration - Stylescape 1

Stylescape 2: Bold, Confident, Rugged

Brand Persona Exploration - Stylescape 2

Stylescape 3: Innovative, Unique

Brand Persona Exploration - Stylescape 3
  • Aligning design with the brand vision: The stakeholders chose the first stylescapes as their preferred way forward and liked certain elements from the the 3rd stylescape for their marketing collateral in particular from a visual identity standpoint. The stylescape gave the design team a good sense of visual and verbal identity direction for the clients and aligned with the overall vision of Rido Sports.
  • Visual Identity Designing: Thereafter, we initiated the Identity design process and started exploring logos. We took a 30 thousand feet view at first and narrowed it down, keeping the stylescape in mind.
Logo Exploration - 50 logos

We reinvented their logo with a unique design in line with their core values and objectives of coming across as premium, modern and unique.

  • The highlighted logos above show the ones that fit the brand positioning well. We showed all designs to the stakeholders nonetheless to ensure that we were all on the same page.
  • We chose 4 concepts from over 100 explored logos to the next stage and explored the design in different sizes, formats, colors and applications. (Showcasing the finalised concept below)
Rido Sports Logo Concept 1 - Image 1
Rido Sports Logo Concept 1 - Image 2
Corporate Branding Material - Letterheads and business cards with logo
Fashion Applications of Logo
Display Board and Signage Mockup for Logo
  • We then refined the logo further to arrive at the final logo design.
Final Logo

With the logo now being finalised the team started building the brand guidelines, followed by the verbal identity exploration. (To be continued, stay tuned for the complete case study)