GreySpace is Hiring

We're Hiring

Only applications sent via the google form with a valid portfolio and resume will be reviewed and considered for open positions.

We are always looking for talented individuals who have something unique to offer and are always willing to learn. We have a rigorous process that identifies the best and we do everything in our power to hold on to great talent. We are always excited to check out talented work and sometimes we even send a feedback email if we find a portfolio with great potential, so stay in touch.

We are a collection of multi-disciplinary design risk-takers and doers infused with entrepreneurial drive. Our passion to craft beautiful products and delightful experiences. We work directly with founders, entrepreneurs and leadership teams to build unique brands. GreySpace is a rare place where you have the best of all professional creative worlds with a family style culture.

Who we are

Shubham Harish

Having always been intrigued by the aesthetics of design, Shubham took the plunge & pursued his Bachelor's Degree from College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan. The experience not only taught him how to be a good designer, but more importantly, how  to become a great problem solver. 

After graduating, he joined the Product Design Department at Altair Engineering. During these three years, he honed his design skills & creative thinking capability.  In 2019, Shubham decided to move back home, with the decision to build something of his own. 

Initially, he worked closely with Pranav to deliver 3D projects as a freelancer. After working together, they decided to  formalize their business and voila! GreySpace Studios came into being. 

Pranav Savlani

A creative bent of mind & a determined entrepreneurial spirit are traits that best describe Pranav. But nurturing these took time & effort. 

Pranav pursued  B.Com (H) from Delhi University after which, he went on to work with Ernst & Young as a Risk Analyst. After growing his skillset there for two years, he joined 91 Springboard, a co-working space back in 2014. This new age startup enabled him to explore the process of establishing & growing a business from its early stages.

Post his experience here & with a financial audit firm, his interest in entrepreneurship propelled him to pursue MBA from ESADE Business School. ESADE offered one of the most diverse programs and helped Pranav understand cultural nuances along with different ways of doing business. He specialized in Brand Management and Finance. After his MBA, he joined Squad, an artificial intelligence and machine learning start-up as a Business Development Representative. In his subsequent years at Squad, he took on various strategic and growth roles to scale their business & drive more revenue. 

With such a rich professional experience & academic background to support him, Pranav kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey with 3D Nest, a product design and 3D printing organization. Here, he worked on multiple projects with his school friend (You guessed it right), Shubham Harish, who had just returned from the U.S. after his design education. After working on various projects, both Shubham and Pranav collaborated to create GreySpace. The rest, as they say, is history.


We created GreySpace in 2020. Yes, it was the middle of the pandemic & no, it couldn’t dampen our determination to make it work. We had only one choice. To work remotely. So, we took it & made the best out of it.

  • Our Mission: To help founders, directors & entrepreneurs realize their passion by building world class brands that dazzle their audience.
  • Our Vision: To create the next generation brands that leave an indelible mark on the world. Really, we love to turn heads.
  • We imagine GreySpace to be a top-notch branding organization which is always accessible (Chit Chat over coffee?) and helps founders & entrepreneurs realize their dreams.
  • Our Secret Sauce: We blend business & design, bringing out a unique concoction for your brand’s success. Pranav’s business expertise and Shubham’s underground cool culture vibe combine to create the perfect brand strategy. Each one of us is unique & that’s what makes our team stand apart.

Our vibe

  • Got your highlighters out yet? We obsess over our plans & calendars. 
  •  Working from your bed for a few days a week? Cool. We follow a hybrid work model. While the first few months will mostly be in office for some inspiring brainstorming sessions (Psst..Swanky office coming soon), you can opt for hybrid afterwards. Don’t book that ticket yet. There could be days where you’d be required to come in office on a short notice, so be in the city.
  • Grown-ups don’t require micromanagement. We strongly believe in accountability & freedom. We plan our projects and each part of the process is documented and allocated in the beginning of the project. This helps us optimize our work week and ensures that all of us have time to ourselves. No burnout here. 
  •  Our design team works Monday to Friday. Our sales and customer service teams work based on clients’ requirements.
  •  Inspiration can strike at any time. So, you are free to choose your workdays and work times, as long as stuff is planned and executed on time or there is enough of an overlap that we can communicate all the important details promptly. 
  •  We don’t mind your business. You do. Like we said, we do not have a set timing - we leave that to you to manage your own time as per planned projects.
  •  We love what makes you, you. If you add a unique flavor to our team, there’s nothing like it. Here is some fun stuff our team is into, apart from work:

What We Dig?

  • Show us your working style. We spend the first three months capturing data on how you work & what works for you.
  • We use timesheets for the first three months or the first major project to assess the pace and quality of your work.
  • It’s a great way to discover your usual work pace and your (whispers) Secret Weapons. This can help you upskill & become a pro in a particular domain. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?
  • Life shapes us all. We’d love to know your life as it happened to understand how to communicate with you better.
  • What matters to you? We want to know where you are in your journey & what’s important to you in this phase. For some, it’s financial freedom, job security or expertise & for others, it’s work life balance. Tell us what rocks your boat?
"Depending upon what you choose, we can mould your journey to make it work for you"
  • The mic is yours. If something isn’t working out for you, voice your concern. Even if the entire team is on one side but you believe otherwise, don’t shy away from telling us.
  • A Yes or a No is much more valuable to us than silence.
  • Colleagues, Mentors, Friends, we can play multiple roles. You can feel free to share your personal & professional goals with us & we’ll do our bit to push you in the right direction. No pompous philosophies, we promise.
  • Comprehend to connect. Empathy is a core skill we need so that you can understand clients as well as end users.

Our Star Clients

To be a part of our team you need to understand our clients and the work

  • There is no project, too big or small. Our clients range from budding ideas in a small garage to multinational conglomerates.
  • Our clients are industry agnostic but just to give you an idea, most of them belong to the F & B and FMCG sector. Free beverages occasionally? Maybe.
  • Our clients are our partners. They are the real visionaries & are deeply passionate about what they do. We shoulder the responsibility to make their vision come to life & set them apart from the crowd. We bring out the X factor that makes their brand successful & unique and communicate this in the best possible way to their audience. So, make sure of the following:
  • Punctuality never goes out of fashion. We make sure that projects are delivered on time, and everything is carefully planned. This is one of the reasons we obsess over planning. No delays here.
  • New, cool & relatable! While building a brand, it is important for us to show the client new ideas, concepts. This is where our team’s diversity comes into play. Bringing diverse perspectives together, we ensure that we optimize the marketing ROI which, in most cases, is done by building an incredibly cool brand that resonates with its end users.
  • Understand the client’s pain points & half the job is done. Empathizing with & comprehending our client & the end users is a prerequisite to everything we do.

How to apply

So, are you ready for a swept-off-your-feet kinda growth? Join the tribe! Shoot an email at……& let’s get talking.

PLEASE NOTE : as a company, we take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with us may include phone/video interviews, written projects, and/or on-site interviews. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify as a potential fit.

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