At GreySpace, we have a pro for every aspect of your brand-building process.

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About Us

If there's a change your brand craves, we believe we can help you fulfill it. But we're not about navigating blindfolded, over the last 3 years, we have built a team that goes on this journey with you, and what comes for the ride — are some super interactive brainstorming sessions and exchange of ideas. Founded by Pranav Savlani and Shubham Harish, later joined by partner Yatin Savlani, we are a branding, marketing and UI/UX agency based in New Delhi with a strong belief that design, be it any kind and for anything should be functional as it is captivating.

Our approach is all hands-on, and we make sure you get the benefit of our combined expertise and a genuine passion for your brand. This best of both worlds approach helps you create a brand that is unique, ever-evolving and reaches exactly who it's meant for.

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Our Process

How We Work



Before we start working together, we want to know your vision, mission, goals, and challenges. This helps us figure out the best direction for your business and how to reflect that in your brand and product plans.


We dive into understanding your customers using different secondary research methods. This helps us find their unspoken needs, leading to fresh and unexpected solutions.


We work with you to set clear goals and deliverables for the project, ensuring a successful outcome. This collaborative phase lays the groundwork for a purposeful execution.


Once the project's goals are set, we move on to the creative process. Starting with analogue designs and progressing through to digital designs, we aim to design innovative experiences that resonate with your brand and add value for you and your customers.


We create simple prototypes, whether digital or physical, to check if the product is feasible, viable, and desirable. This helps us make necessary changes for the best outcome.


We bring your brand's story to life through engaging customer experiences. Our goal is to deliver experiences that users emotionally connect with across all touchpoints, providing valuable metrics for your brand.

our founders

Pranav Savlani


Shubham Harish