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Partners, Shubham Harish and Pranav Savlani founded GreySpace in an effort to solve complex problems through the power of design. GreySpace designs purposeful and delightful experiences that captivate the curiosity and attention of consumers.

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When a big change is on the horizon, there is a fog of uncertainty. It can be quite scary for a prospective client to take a leap into the unknown. But, ambiguity is a source of energy, passion and vision. We not only help our clients with where to begin, but also how to navigate the route.

GreySpace Design Studio is a full service design agency based in New Delhi, India, that offers solutions for all your design needs. We are open, collaborative, and use our collective experience and design expertise to create compelling stories for our clients. We embrace a design approach that blends lifestyle and technology to craft relevant and user centered designs. Our products, packaging, and branding innovations enable our clients to differentiate themselves and define their markets.

Our work encompasses branding, graphics and identity design, packaging design, product design and digital experiences. We are a design studio where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. We have adopted this unique structure to reflect the passion and commitment we have for our craft.

Our Design Process is Fueled by a Deep Understanding of People, Culture and Markets. We Strive to Design Products that Enrich Human Experiences.

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Before we start collaborating with you, we like to understand what your vision, mission, goals and challenges are. This allows us to help you decide what is right for your business and how to translate that into your brand and product roadmaps. 


Before we dive into the project it is important for us to learn about your customers. We use research techniques such as ethnography, qualitative/quantitative analysis, expert interviews and group discussions to hunt for unarticulated and unmet needs of your customers that might take us somewhere new and unexpected. 


Our aim in this stage is to understand what will make this project a success for you. Answer this to help us define clear goals and deliverables for the project, and navigate it through to successful completion.


Once we establish what you could/should do, we then work on the details to establish how to do it. An idea usually starts with a sketch and rapidly progresses through 3D models, prototypes and digital graphics. Our aim is to deliver innovative products and experiences that deliver value to both, you and your customer.


How do we decide if the product or the service is feasible, viable and desirable? We create simple and rough prototypes whether the product is digital or physical. These prototypes allow us to test the product in reality and make changes as required, giving us the best outcome. 


We translate your brand’s story into engaging customer experiences. We deliver valuable metrics based on experiences that users were able to connect with emotionally across all touch points.
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Shubham Harish
Founder & Partner
Pranav Savlani
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