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NightOwl is a sleepwear brand based in Barcelona, Spain. We collaborated with NightOwl to redesign their identity to help them connect with their customers and tell their story.


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Shubham Harish

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The solution

NightOwl featured as The Best Fashion Logo Designs by DesignRush 2023. Check the feature here.

NightOwl | Brand Positioning 1 | GreySpace Design Studio | Customer Segment

Garments business is one of the toughest businesses to be in especially with COVID. We at GreySpace helped a young clothing brand with both online and offline presence rebrand their identity to make sure they are able to compete with the powerhouses like Inditex present in their backyard.   

The founders had identified that the nightwear/sleepwear market was full of boring and old plaids, stripes and checks. The company wanted to bring products that are snazzy but not tacky, eccentric but not gaudy, affordable but not cheap. This gave rise to NightOwl. Back in 2019, NightOwl had 2 brick and mortar stores and was gaining a lot of street cred in the market. But they felt they really needed to step up their game if they wanted to survive the next phase.

We at GreySpace loved the story behind NightOwl and helped them redesign their identity and packaging to reflect their story and connect with their customers. Here’s a sneak in to the new 2021 NightOwl.

NightOwl | Work | GreySpace Studios
NightOwl | Packaging Design | GreySpace Design Studio | Logo Design
NightOwl | Packaging Design 2 | GreySpace Design Studio | Logo Design
NightOwl | Display Board Mockup | GreySpace Design Studio | Logo Design