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Green Gratitude

An ecommerce platform, with sustainable and earth-friendly products offered on the platform. Currently, in their awareness phase on Instagram, Green Gratitude strives to bring a change by spreading education about sustainability unlike any other platform.


Digital Marketing


Yatin Savlani

Srishti Ahuja

Harsh Gupta

Riya Rathod

digital branding

The Problem

Green Gratitude, a sustainable e-commerce platform, faces the challenge of establishing its presence and gaining recognition in a competitive market. As a brand that is yet to release its products, it needs to find a way to engage with its target audience and build anticipation for its sustainable platform.


Creating a marketing strategy that not only generates buzz around the upcoming launch but also resonates with potential customers, highlighting the brand's values and mission.

The solution

Instagram's visual nature provides an opportunity to showcase the eco-friendly materials and practices used in the products. Another effective approach was to collaborate with eco-conscious brands that align with Green Gratitude's values to capture the attention of sustainable brands in the market as a way of teasing the e-commerce platform. To educate and inspire followers, we also created informative content on sustainable living, eco-friendly tips, and the importance of making conscious choices in everyday life.