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Realply Industries is a premier natural veneer brand setting a precedent for excellence by manufacturing impressive and elegant natural veneers and plywood, utilizing superior quality raw materials, sourced from across the globe.


Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Yatin Savlani

Srishti Ahuja

Ria Sharma

Harsh Gupta

Hema Shegane

digital branding

The Problem

Despite being a major player in the industry, Realply struggled to differentiate itself from its competitors, leading to a lack of brand distinction and recognition. The company's visual identity and messaging resembled those of its competitors, causing confusion among potential customers and limiting its ability to stand out in the market.


Effectively communicate its USP to its target market and develop brand awareness in a way that makes Realply a household name.

The solution

The first step was to conduct in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of the market, competitors, and the unique strengths of Realply. This research served as the foundation for defining the company's brand positioning, helping them articulate their USP in a compelling way. To create a strong brand presence, GreySpace implemented a marketing strategy that leveraged digital platforms, industry events, and targeted advertising campaigns. The strategy focused on highlighting Realply's unique offerings, sustainable practices, and the value they bring to their customers.