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Aire, a new player in the competitive space of basic everyday polos, is on the mission to take what ‘a great quality garment’ means to a whole new level. Here traditional values and craftsmanship meet new innovation to create polos that actually make you look great, and feel better. Aire doesn’t just stop there, bringing the best of the best quality you can get in the market to their customers is something they take very seriously. From the materials picked to the way they are treated, packaged, and delivered, every step in this process is taken the utmost care of, which in turn creates a polo tee that takes the utmost care of you.


Digital Marketing

Performance Marketing


Yatin Savlani

Ria Sharma

Harsh Gupta

Hema Shegane

Ashi Goyal

digital branding

The Problem

With the innovative nature and the best quality products in the market, there also came a sense of premiumness, which resulted in slightly higher price points and a more selective target audience.


The main goal of our social media marketing campaigns was to position Aire as an expert brand with an approachable side to them. Our aim was to build brand awareness in a way that perfectly communicates the generational expertise of the Aire team, their deep knowledge of raw materials along with their innovative techniques that ultimately results in a top-quality polo.

The solution

The solution lied in crafting a narrative with our social media presence to celebrate Aire’s mission to elevate basics into something exceptional. The winning strategy here was to curate visually appealing content that showcased the unique features and benefits of Aire Polo shirts, along with content that tells their brand story and leveraging influencers who share Aire's aesthetic and values, to amplify brand visibility and credibility among target demographics.