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The Self Center

A holistic life coaching, mindfulness, and wellness studio based in Gurgaon with a need to bring awareness about self care to as many people as they can with a goal to help people reach their ultimate potential.


Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Yatin Savlani

Srishti Ahuja

Harsh Gupta

Tanmay Menon

Shivangi Arora

Hema Shegane

digital branding

The Problem

The Self Center, a holistic life coaching page targeting a slightly premium audience, faced the challenge of carving a unique space in the competitive life coaching industry. While there is a growing demand for life coaching services, the market is saturated with numerous providers offering similar services. The Self Center needed to differentiate itself and establish a distinctive identity that would resonate with its target audience.


Clearly communicate the uniqueness of their approach and the value they bring to their clients as a one-of-a-kind life coaching platform.

The solution

Impart information that our audience might often get wrong amidst all the confusion regarding mental health and self-care in the modern world. Positioning ourselves as a one-of-a-kind holistic wellness center with flexible schedules and a supportive community was our top priority to meet the challenges faced by The Self Center.