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A fashion label on a mission to make a woman feel prepared and ready to conquer the world. In the rapidly moving world of fast-fashion, Shimona Agarwal’s vision is to bring back the beauty of cherishing your clothes and giving them the same love after years of owning them, as the day you bought them. The label’s main focus is also to create unique designs that exude the personality of different sets of our audience, while also celebrating the artistry of the ones creating them.


Digital Marketing


Yatin Savlani

Ria Sharma

Harsh Gupta

Hema Shagane

digital branding

The Problem

The problem was that there was a gap between the aesthetic that the brand had created for themselves and their social media presence, there was a lack of engagement and a storyline that needed to be filled with graphics that aligned with their vision.


To reflect the premiumness that Shimona brought to the table, on their social media as well as create a storyline with their clothes that makes the audience want to be a part of the community.

The solution

The solution was to create neat luxurious graphics that resonated with the brand and present them in a systematic manner. We created an aesthetically pleasing social media presence for them, with every collection standing out in it’s own way while staying in a cohesive tonality that Shimona stands for.