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A cafe that resonates with the bright and lively street culture of Hong Kong, a chill hangout place in the heart of the city with their ambiance bringing a modern Western twist while staying true to their Cantonese roots.


Brand Identity


Rohit Biswas


digital branding

The Problem

In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, there is a lack of cafes that fully capture the essence of the city's dynamic and vibrant street culture, while also resonating with the growing demand for artisanal coffee. The challenge is to create a brand that blends the allure of modern coffee with lively street art and neon colors that paint the city with life while remaining rooted in the traditional Cantonese culture.


Establish a captivating modern cafe brand rooted in Cantonese culture and street art, resonating with coffee enthusiasts.

The solution

Create a brand that represents an urban fusion of Hong Kong's vibrant street culture and the evolving artisanal coffee scene. The goal is to curate a captivating experience that seamlessly blends modern coffee artistry with the rich heritage of Cantonese culture. The visual identity of Kafin would showcase a mix of Cantonese-inspired design elements, drawing inspiration from street art and neon lights while incorporating traditional Cantonese motifs. The logo would be a play on the script.