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Power gummies

Power Gummies, a health-focused supplement brand, underwent a website redesign to enhance its digital presence. The redesign aimed to create an immersive digital space that reflects the brand's commitment to well-being, blending functionality with aesthetics for an engaging, intuitive, and delightful user experience.


UX Design

UI Design


Shubham Harish

Kapil Mittal

Bhimrao More

Ujjawal Aggarwal

Sudiksha Varshney

The challenge

The previous website for the Power Gummies project faced issues with an outdated user interface, lack of mobile responsiveness, and limited user engagement, all of which hindered user navigation and reduced time spent on the website.


The Power Gummies project aims to enhance user experience, optimize for mobile platforms, improve visual appeal, and increase conversion rates. The goal is to create a seamless, intuitive, and visually appealing website that encourages user engagement and aligns with the brand's commitment to wellness.


The Power Gummies project involved a revamp of the user interface for a modern, intuitive design, a mobile-first approach for seamless experience across devices, the introduction of interactive elements for enhanced user engagement, visual storytelling with high-quality visuals, and performance optimization for faster loading times.

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