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Lost Recipies

A handmade agriculture-based brand, with their primary shelf consisting of pickles and chutneys as a celebration for recipes that have been passed down for generations.


Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Shubham Harish

Rajit Venkatesh

digital branding

The Problem

Cordet, a subdivision of IFFCO was hoping to find a market for its new handmade agriculture-based products. The goal was 2 fold, on one hand, they wanted to uplift and empower women in the rural sector, on the other they wanted to preserve the old forgotten recipes of India.


Makin sure the brand they launch is successful in the metros with a modern touch to old forgotten recipes.

The solution

Highlighting the journey from rural kitchens to urban shelves, the branding celebrated the diverse flavors and traditions that encompassed Indian cuisine. The packaging design played a crucial role in capturing the essence of "Lost Recipes." Using traditional patterns and illustrations inspired by Indian folk art, attracting the attention of consumers seeking unique and culturally enriched products. The use of earthy and natural tones reflected the handmade nature of the products and their agricultural origins.