Packaging Design


Business Value of Design

Design is one of the key factors that help companies stand out of the crowd and help business grow. Design is not just about good looking products or aesthetics. Design means understanding the user’s needs and developing products and services that meet those needs while aligning them with business goals. Traditionally businesses have treated design as an R&D or marketing teams function, however, lately it has been common to find design teams as cross functional departments. It’s not design vs the business, its design with the business. 

When Should You Get an Industrial/Product Designer Involved?

Many times, we realize that we need to partner with an industrial designer to bring an idea to life. But, usually we don't know when to involve the designer. Should we bring them in loop as soon as we have the idea, or when we have developed the idea as much as we could on our own. In most cases, we reach out to industrial designers only when we have figured out exactly what we want to build, how the product might function, what features the product might have and what we imagine the product to look like. There are essentially three stages to get an industrial designer involved. Let us Explain.